High Retention Rate

We have a high retention rate of clients as high as 98.5% and the ratio itself speaks about loyalty and satisfactory services.We represent our clients the same way we represent ourselves. This mentality puts us in a strong position as our clients trust us to do the right thing by their brand.

Who are our Customer

No business is too small or too big for online ordering. We specialize in working with Restaurant operators of all sizes & types – independents, regional groups, multi location, different cuisines, express and fine diners. - who want a resilient system that's easy to implement and easy to use. And we do it for hundreds of restaurants located around the world.

Global Delivery Model

We follow Global Client Strategies, which helps our clients bytaking control of providing the quality sales, leaving our clients to focus on maintaining those customers with a quality service. Our Global Delivery Model is the combination of onshore and offshore development and is the most remarkable method for the delivery of IT-services and solutions globally. This model promises top-quality development, onsite delivery and faster project cycles.

24x7 Services

Whenever our clients have technical queries or need any clarification on complex issues we are always available 24 X 7. Clients reach us by a simply phone call, email or web conference and get in touch with flexible timings. Since communication technology has brought a revolutionary impact it eliminates geographical barriers of all kinds. It gives feeling to our client like one of in person service.

Successful Business Model

Vrindi (RestaurantWave) is committed to provide an excellent and individual service to all its clients. Our primary aim is to generate a successful business model which achieves in offering the satisfactory services and latest Restaurant web technology to our service users. Our vision is to provide a great and equal e-commerce platform to all size and all types of business owner without bias.

We value every comment made by our clients about our service and testimony talks about itself.