Technology and today’s busy lifestyles are changing the habits of restaurant customers. RestaurantWave has been specifically developed with the current trends in take-out business and Internet usage in mind. RestaurantWave offers extensive products and services for the restaurant industry. Our experienced developers and designers have led to the development of web-enabled restaurant solution and marketing tools that restaurants can leverage to realize their goals, build deeper and longstanding relationships with their customers.

RestaurantWave provides restaurants a professionally designed web site with the ability to increase sales and expand their business by giving customers the ability to order online with a simple click of a button. It has been developed by some of the most revolutionary thinkers so as to provide better order taking solutions to the industry. Most importantly, our focus is on quality and better customer service. All website content is entered through a secure browser interface, accommodating multiple user levels to protect data integrity and maximize administrative efficiency.

Hosted in New Jersey but also with offices in Delhi (India), RestaurantWave has the ability to service your needs wherever you may be. We provide an extensive range of optional components and extra functionality such as image galleries, newsletter management etc. Our goal is dedicated to a cost effective and customer friendly restaurant online ordering software & solutions for the Restaurants worldwide.

We are building an ecosystem for small to medium business !!

24x7 Support Service
80% request processed in a Business Day
Transactions Delivered in Real time
Tens of thousands every month
Servicing Customers in
North America, Europe, Asia, Australia