The modern marketing approach must have a strategy to "Acquire new customers" and "Keep existing customers". It requires well researched understanding of restaurant customer behavior. The first step of the strategy is doing professional Local Listing, Search Engine Optimization and personalized communication on social Media. The second step is having your business website with Sales and Services features and the third step is to build marketing database organically .

Compelling Marketing

Most of your customers are internet connected; therefore for small and medium businesses like yours to succeed, it is important to have Search Engine Optimization and professional local listing. Social and Business listing on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, You Tube and more, requires professional understanding of restaurant local listings. The ongoing push of promotions, offers and exciting contents of a business on internet pages gives higher ratings to the your business website, eventually allowing your business listing ranking higher than your competitors.

Keeping your restaurant brand regularly in front of the customers requires building marketing database, and sending them the frequent updates of promotions, offers, news, events and more. The easiest approach to build your customer contact is, through your own website. Your restaurant website must contain provisions for membership club or opportunity for customer to sign-up for promotions through email. Online sign-up provision gets you limited contact emails. Therefore, a better and faster approach to build the marketing contacts is through online transactions. It requires your website to offer online food ordering, ordering gift-card/gift-certificate, table reservation inquiry, catering inquiry, contact inquiry and many other similar features. Each online request allows you to get customer contact information thus making qualified customer contact list. The customer contact information is automatically added to email marketing data. This is the quickest and most effective way to do marketing of your restaurant and we call that as Organic Marketing.