7/17/2018 7:13:16 PM

Features Available in RestaurantWave


Website Visitors/Traffic Reports

We provide Monthly Reports of visitors and page hits on your website to you. You get to know how well your restaurant website has been doing out there in the e-restaurant business and market. With detailed Google Analytics reports on who came to your website to what did they order, you can plan out your business appropriately, and maximize your profits. The traffic data has Geographical (Demographic) statistics, source of traffic details, average time spent by customers on site, number of Page Visits, etc., with analysis and suggestions on how to improve the flux. This can help you retain customer database and gain their loyalty.

Detailed Order Report

Besides sending order details on SMS, the RestaurantWave Technology allows for sending order and reservation details online to your mailbox. Know what your customers prefer and what do they frequently order through your website. Now it’s so easy to keep a record of your regular customers!

SMS Customer Order Detail

Our RestaurantWave Technology based online ordering software automatically sends details of customer’s order to your cell phone/pager. The customer also gets an SMS confirmation that his order has been duly received at the restaurant. Besides, the text message may also carry order-related offers and discounts and thus add to your text message marketing campaign. Ensure that your deliverables are notified to you, even when you are on the move!

Animation and Logo Design

A picture and animation speaks louder than a thousand words! Our designers design professional Logos for your restaurant. You can also have attractive Flash Animations designed for your customers so that they can better navigate and understand your website.

Customized Website for Your Restaurant

Your internet presence and image is as important as your restaurant’s physical presence. We at Vrindi realize this, and hence go to great extents to provide you a completely customized website, that reflects the essence of your restaurant, its services and complements to its elegance. A simple to use and attractive website, tailored to your needs and preferences, for your business!

Database Hosting Service

Our team of network engineers are committed to providing you excellent, secure and fully-managed platform from where you can launch all your campaigns. All the data, be it order-delivery details and preferences or contacts of customers, are stored on latest servers, with back-up and restore facility, all the time. Your customer’s data is the backbone of your business and promotions, and we take every step to strengthen the same!

Secure Web Hosting

Vrindi extends secure web hosting services with 99.99% uptime guarantee. Our team monitors your website all day, ensuring that, be it day or night, your customers can always reach out to you. And if at all any problems crop up, we fix them on an urgent basis, in the shortest possible time. Our state-of-the-art technology and servers assure prime performance guarantee, all the time! Plus, you can login to any of your locations’ website using a unified login.

Custom Domain Name

Vrindi registers domain names for your restaurant website, that user friendly, easy to remember, and above all, contains your restaurant’s name. This allows for easy search via Search Engines, and better SEO too! We can book as many domain names for you as you want.

Support and Monitoring Services

Vrindi constantly monitors your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our real time monitoring and automated alerts ensure that your website is always up and running. If at all any glitches occur, our systems generate detailed error logging reports and send notifications to you and us via automated pingers and pollers. Our 24x7 multi-tier support promises a high Service Level Agreement (SLA) to cut down on maintenance and operating costs. Join us and be assured of first class service, run-time monitoring and support, all the time!