Email Marketing

Build marketing database organically & marketPromotions, Offers, Events and Coupons


Email & Text Marketing

Almost all the Internet users receive and send email every day.

Email Marketing is an economical & highly effective way to get your business on the map.

Anyone familiar with the restaurant business recommends “word of mouth” as the best form of advertising. But Email is still the undisputed king of digital advertising.

RestaurantWave combines these attributes & broadens the reach to the customers to share it easily with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. With email marketing, one can boost people’s awareness of your business. It alerts them of special offers, promotions or even just invites them to come try something new, improving Customer Relations. Email marketing can be real time and even scheduled in advance for reaping the desired outcome.

Additionally, the advantages include Global reach, Interactive, Easy to track with measureable results, environment friendly and much more.

Text Marketing on the other hand connects instantly as today’s consumers are mostly mobile or check their mobile mostly within a minute to check new notifications.

A short, simple relevant content does the trick and helps connect with them. So texting new offers, deals, information pertaining to your business or simply a greeting message remarkably get the things rolling for your business

Why loose customers when they are just a real-time message away?

PS: The biggest advantage includes, the organic consumer’s organic database building, which helps immensely future promotions.