Online Ordering

The best online ordering experiences are the easiest ones. A complete Online Ordering Solution for your business, and your customers can get exactly where they want to go–eating food from you.

The key benefits that can help grow your sales with online ordering
  • Increase Accuracy of order with decrease labor at the restaurant end
  • Increase ticket amount on average by 20%
  • Better customer service through provisioning feature needed to by consumer
  • Online ordering system make decision in regards to delivery area and time etc.

Online Ordering
Customer Experience:

Your customers will enjoy the easy-to-use interface with powerful features that allow them to place orders quickly - from your website, mobile & even App! For those restaurants targeting a diverse consumer base, our multi-lingual adaptability make it easy to offer your online ordering in English, Chinese, French and other, for example.

Customer Experience
Online Ordering & Payment:

We design fully automated websites that enable your diners/customers to order their meals online.Whether it’s takeout or delivery, ASAP or future order, making online ordering experience easy is what our objective is. Able to reorder previous orders. With RestaurantWave, there is a seamless integration of online payment which is highly secured.We are partnered with leading Payment Gateway companies like Mercury Payment Gateway System (MPS), Paypal Payment Gateway, Authorize.Net, First Data, and others. With each online transaction, the monies get credited in the payment gateway accounts which is then transferred to your bank account on monthly/weekly basis.

Steps for online ordering includes:
  • Select location in case of multiple branches (optional)
  • Select Take Out/Catering menu depending on the order to be made & select category based out of menu type
  • Select items with choices/addons/sizes/preparation mode/special instruction (if required) & add items to card and proceed to checkout
  • Select Delivery/Pickup, process order for real time or schedule for future
  • Payment by credit card or cash at the time of pickup/delivery.

Mobile Devices (Mobile Responsive website):

Bring your food & services at your customer’s fingertips and increase your sales. With mobile usage, don’t miss out the chance of being in front of them when needed, wherever they are. The mobile friendly version of your restaurant websiteis simple & straightforward that will allow to select from a range of menu category, adding or removing toppings/addons, preparation mode, choice just at the right time on their iPhones, Android & Window phones.

Mobile Online Ordering
Flexible Business Rules:

When it comes to online ordering &accessing the restaurant menu by the online customers, defining business hours of the restaurant, configuring rules adhering to pickup/delivery, minimum order charges, service break and other considerations become equally important.

The online ordering solution system provides user friendly interface in terms of displaying significant messages during online order process.

Real time notification at the restaurant:

RestaurantWave featured online ordering system ensures that the Restaurateur/Front Desk personnel/Management gets the Order and other online request details ‘soft-confirmation’. These real time alerts can be received in the form of fax, email, text message alerts, automated reminder call & website dashboard.

Real time notification