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Frequenty Ask Questions
  1. What's included in the Full Setup Service?
    Website Development, Hosting, Maintenance, Art Work, Coupon Configuration, Social Listing, Advanced SEO, Promotions, On-Going Support, etc..
  2. How long will it take to create my website?
    It takes 10-15 business days to deliver your project depending on the response that we receive from your end. ( Like layout selection, demo site review and feedback, live site review and feedback )
  3. Can I use my current web host?
    No, we have our own web hosting servers on which the website will be hosted.
  4. My restaurant has multiple locations. Can we list them all on our website?
    Yes. We can list all the locations on a single site.
  5. Can I get only the online ordering feature for my existing website?
  6. Can I host the website you create on my own server?
    No. Your website would be hosted on our high performance server.
  7. We currently own a website. Would you charge extra to use the same background and color on one of your templates?
    No. Our goal is to maintain our customers branding, while delivering our cutting edge technology.
  1. How much does it cost?
    Websites are quoted as a fixed bid project. The cost structure is based on the package selected, the complexity of functionality, the size of the website etc. Every project is unique and we try to make sure our pricing is based on your specific needs and not what we think the market will tolerate. Click here to get a free quote from our sales executive!.
  2. I own multiple restaurants and need each to have dedicated websites for each of them. Do you offer a bulk discount?
  3. Do you have long term contract options instead of monthly payments?
    Yes, an annual contract is available and we even provide a discount for this option. Please mention your preference at the time of requesting a quote and we will provide one accordingly.
  4. What features are included with the monthly fee?
    The monthly fee includes: Web Hosting, Ongoing Changes and Regular Maintenance of your Website like Unlimited Menu Changes, Delivery Hour Changes, Disable/Enable Online Orders, Promotions, Minor Artwork, Email Campaigns, Coupon Configuration, and more.
  5. Do I need to sign a contract?
    Yes. There is an agreement that you will need to sign and send us a copy.
  6. Are there hidden costs?
    NOT AT ALL! There are no hidden costs.
  7. How do I need to pay?
    We accept all major credit cards.
  8. Will there be additional charges for future features and upgrades?
    This depends on the feature. Most basic updates are covered. However, if your website requires an advanced feature to be integrated, then it will carry a nominal charge.
  9. What is your commission rate for both cash and credit orders?
    • We do not charge by transaction, it is fixed monthly model. You get 1 or 100 or 1000 orders. We want to make it simple and affordable to our customers.
    • If you choose to provide online credit card payment, we have different options. For payment details visit #E.PAYMENT GATEWAY:
  1. Can I use my existing domain name?
    Yes, of course! You just have to provide us with the login details for that specific domain so that we can connect your new website to it.
  2. I don't have a domain name yet. Can I get one through Vrindi Inc?
    Yes. We can purchase a domain of your choice depending on availability.
  3. If I wish to terminate the service, will the domain remain ours?
    Yes. The domain remains as property of the Client. We will only manage your domain while it remains connected to our services.
  1. How do I ensure that the orders and customers are genuine?
    Once a customer places an order, you can view its complete details in the Admin Panel. Here, you can immediately use the contact details provided with the order to call a customer whose order does not seem genuine. If you confirm that an order is not genuine, you can simply cancel it from the Admin dashboard.
  2. How do I receive online orders?
    We provide real time notifications via FAX, Email, IVR Calls and Text Message. On receiving the telephone call alert or text message alert, you get the detailed order ( which could also be any type of request, not just online orders) from Fax, Email, Online Web Browser and a very handy application which can run on any Windows machine. The application can be printed on a receipt printer as well. There are a number of ways to forward the requests, and you can enable as many of these channels as needed.
  3. Can we set the delivery range on the map and update it if necessary?
    Yes, we can set the delivery range of the map and update it as necessary. It can be adjusted by Zip code or a physical map. We also have advanced logic which enables you to do a soft check for large orders outside the delivery area, and send an alert to the customer that the restaurant will be confirming the order.
  4. Can we set a delivery charge according to distance?
    Yes of course!
  5. What if the customer's delivery address is outside my delivery coverage area?
    Customers are required to provide detailed delivery address including postcode and post area. For cases where customers have provided the wrong postcode or delivery address (i.e. if the system is unable to locate the delivery address), the comment would be shown on Order Invoice (e.g.: Your address could not be verified by our system, Restaurant personnel will call to confirm the order), this way the manager can personally contact the customer for address and delivery area reconfirmation.
  6. How do I cancel the order?
    You can login into the Admin Panel and cancel the particular order as needed. You may also call or email support to request same.
  7. Will the customer be notified once the order is cancelled or refunded?
    Yes. Once the order is cancelled or refunded, the customer will receive a confirmation of the action.
  8. Can I have coupons offered at specific time and date?
    Yes. You may offer coupons and discounts at whatever time and date you choose. By letting us know of your special offers in advance, we can help you create your offers accordingly.
  9. Can I have events, promotions, JIT (Just In Time) pop ups offered at a specific time and date?
    Yes. You can display the events, promotions, JIT pop ups at whatever time and date you choose. You can create these well in advance for a specific date and time range.
  10. Can we collect the customer's information and add it to our database? Like emails, names, phone numbers, etc..
    Yes! We not only provide a great online interface and cutting edge technology for your Restaurant, but we also make sure that each online transaction collects relevant data which helps to build your marketing database organically. Our system comes with built-in Email marketing technology.
  11. Can we add pictures of the menu items?
    Yes! Menu items can be displayed with pictures. We also provide the admin wherein you may also update/delete these images at will.
  12. Will we have access to the admin page so that we may update our menu or check the sales?
    Yes. You can carry out many admin functions e.g., Update Menu and Check Sales View Requests for Online Order, Catering Request, Contact-Us, Feedback, Gift-Certificates, etc. On the admin side you can also manage your photo gallery, news & announcements, events, promotions, testimonials, and even career requests.
  13. Do you update our menu or do we do it ourselves?
    We provide the access to the MENU section so that you can change it whenever you wish. You also have the option of mailing the needed changes to our team. We will take care it so that you can focus on what you do best... Making delicious food! There is no extra charge for any number of menu change requests from our team. In most cases, menu changes are done in one business day.
  14. What's the range of your SEO management?
    We try to cover all the relevant keywords that are necessary to make your business presence alive in various Search Engines.
  15. Can you make adjustments to an order if a customer calls to make changes?
    YES, you can CANCEL the entire order or give a PARTIAL REFUND. All order amounts can be adjusted (partial-refund, adding tips, cancellation of order) online by the restaurant operator or our support team can be called for doing the same. We are open from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM for support, 365 days of the year. Our support team actively monitors all order receipt acknowledgements.
  16. What level of SMM (Social Media Marketing) do you provide ?
    We regularly update your social media platform with current promotions, news announcements & events offered by your business.
  17. Can I get daily order report?
  18. What about the safety of my data and order back up information?
    We understand the importance of the safety of your data and other information. Website hosting is done on our high performance servers with regular back-ups.
  19. Do you provide listing on various platform?
    Yes. We provide listings on all Free platforms such as Google, Yelp, Bing and 20 + more FREE directories.
  20. I don't have any social media pages!
    Not to worry. We would create all the pages and integrate them into your website.
  21. How can I manage the Admin Panel?
    We will provide a User guide which will guide you in managing the back end dashboard. We can also provide you with training.
  22. Is there an additional charge for email campaigns?
    No. Email campaigns are unlimited and absolutely FREE.
  23. Will I be charged additionally for text campaigns?
    Yes. ($0.01/message)
  24. How do I launch an email campaign?
    This is accomplished by logging into the email panel and selecting the eContactWave tab. Add your marketing flyer/text and send it out to anyone or all of your customers.
  25. What happens when we fail to acknowledge an order?
    Our support team keeps a close look at the real time orders. If by failure you have missed an order, our support would call you to confirm and read out the order.
  26. Do I need to provide the images for my website?
    We would appreciate it if you could provide original photos. Alternatively, we do have stock photos wherein we can place those images.
  27. What kind of support do you provide if I need help with this software?
    We provide 24x7 Live support via email, phone, and chat. You may contact our support team whenever you need assistance.
  1. What are your payment gateway options?
    There are two different ways; the payment gateway can be configured.
    i. Directly configuring Vantiv
    This would be similar to your POS system (remember that the website credit card processor has no bearing on your POS processor). The payment is deposited after two/three business days directly to your checking account. The charges are (2.39% onwards + $.20) per transaction for Visa/Master/Discover and (3.5% + $.10) for Amex. It does come with monthly $10 reporting charge. They have promised not to charge any other fees, but you will need to keep an eye on your statement as a precaution.
    Additional Charges:
    - Monthly Statement Fee: $9.95
    - Money is automatically deposited into client's account.
    - There can be an additional fee; we work with them to minimize it, but we can't control their billing method.
    - Any issue/query related to the account will be managed between Vantiv and Client.
    ii. Configuring with Vrindi Payment Gateway:
    We use Vantiv internally but in order to facilitate our customer with a simpler pricing model, we charge (2.9% + $.30) per transaction for all types of cards. THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES. The money is deposited directly into your bank account once every 15 days through ACH. All transaction payments from the 1st - 15th are deposited by the 20th, and transaction payments from the 16th - End-of-Month will be by the 5th of the following month.
    - No Additional Charges, fixed and clearly defined charges
    - No batch processing charges
    - No month statement charges
    - Account will be maintained by our account team
    - Any issues/ queries related to your account will be taken care of by our account team.
    - We can deposit monies only twice in a month
    - Transaction amount will be deposited in Client's account twice a month
    iii. Directly configuring with Paypal Payment System:
    Charges for all types of cards: 2.9% + 0.30$ per transaction
    - Money is automatically deposited into client's PayPal account.
    - During the ordering process, the control gets transferred to paypal website. This might lead to a unprofessional experience.
    - For refunding, charge back etc, the process is not straightforward.
    - You must manually transfer funds to your bank account which will also take 3-4 business days to process depending on your bank.
  2. Is the online payment secured?
    Yes, the payment gateway is completely secured and reliable.
  3. How can partial refunds or full refunds be managed?
    You can call or email the order number and the amount that your are willing to refund to our support team 24/7. They will handle this request ASAP and notify you as well the client once it is done.