Event booking at restaurant becomes easier with Vrindi event ticketing system
With the help of intuitive interface, create your own event booking that will enable your customers to book your events tickets online.
September 06, 2018
Get Your Money Up-Front
First and foremost, above all other benefits, restaurants sell tickets to get working capital up-front, well in advance of the dining experience. Your ticket sales dollars are directly deposited nightly into your bank account.
No More Wasting Food
The National Association of Restaurants cites food costs as the top challenge of 2014, saying that more than 30% of revenue goes toward buying food. You can greatly lower your food costs when you sell tickets in advance because you will know exactly how many guests you will be serving for every service.
Eliminate Costly No-Shows
Greatly reduce – if not completely eliminate – costly no-shows by simply selling tickets online. On busy days like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, your customers will be glad to buy tickets in-advance once they realize it guarantees them a table.
Repeat Business
When compared to a reservation, the benefit of ticketing software for restaurants is obvious – no meaningful customer data can be gathered from telephone reservations. By selling tickets, you get customer’s Phone number, Email address, Order history and more.
Make a Gradual Transition
A frequent misconception by restaurant owners is they must sell tickets for every seating the house – all at once – but that is not the case! Contact us on 877-987-4634 to know more our restaurant event ticketing software.