RestuarantWave POS - Our Next Step!
Billing and restaurant management system to simplify operations and maximize profits.
September 07, 2018
These days, looking for the right POS system for your restaurant can be one of the most important operational decisions you will make. At present, there are literally hundreds of different POS systems to choose from. While all systems try to serve the same basic purpose, when it comes down to functionality, reliability, performance, and capability, no two systems are alike. There are many routine factors to consider when purchasing a POS system. These are: price, warranty, technical support, future enhancements, and maintenance.
The RestaurantWave POS is a cloud based POS servicewhich has been specially designedforfine dining restaur ants, major chains, and bars around the world. We offer restaurateurs an incredibly robust point of sale solution, with features and options that will make their establishment more efficient and profitable.
Following are some of the features that we will be providing in our RestaurantWave POS.
  1. Online Ordering Integration
  2. Take Out/ Delivery Orders Integration
  3. Table Management Module
  4. Reservations Module
  5. Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)
  6. Multi-Store Menu Management
  7. Gift Card and Virtual eGift Cards
  8. Reporting
  9. Payment Integration
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